Brazil Is No Joke: 22-Year-Old Man & His 16-Year-Old Girlfriend Did Some Mafia Ish To A Guy Who Owed $1500 In Debt!
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"Crime was spotted by security cameras; suspects, aged 24 and 16, claim debt of $1,500 as a justification A crime with cruelty was spotted by security cameras in the California neighborhood, in the northwest region of Belo Horizonte. In the images, a couple, aged 24 and 16, shoot six shots at Diego Adelson de Souza, 34, and then go over the victim in a car. After almost 24 hours of due diligence, the Military Police (PM) located the suspects on Sunday (9). The man was arrested and his underage girlfriend was apprehended. They were still heard by the Civil Police and claimed a debt of about R $ 8,000 to justify the crime. According to the police report, Diego de Souza was at home with his wife when the suspect came in armed and started assaulting him. He was taken to the trunk of a vehicle parked near the residence, where the teenager waited. After driving for a few kilometers, the suspect stopped the car on Rua das Clarinetas. As the place was dark, the teenager used a cell phone flashlight to help the man remove the victim, who was thrown on the floor from the trunk. He fired three shots and passed the gun to his girlfriend, who fired three more shots. Within seconds, the pair returned to the vehicle and even passed over Diego twice. The whole action was filmed by an internal circuit camera at dawn on Saturday (8). The military were called and managed to identify the license plate. At the address recorded in the vehicle's documentation, the police located an application driver, who reportedly had no involvement in the murder, but who knew who the perpetrator was." - Brazil News
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