Body Cam Footage Shows Unarmed "Dillon Taylor" Shot & Killed While Walking Away, DA Rules It “Justified” (*Warning* Graphic)
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Body cam footage released Tuesday shows Dillon Taylor, 20, shot to death by Salt Lake City officer Bron Cruz on Aug. 11 after police received a report about three men who were seen near a 7-Eleven, possibly flashing a gun. The men, Taylor, along with his brother and cousin — are seen on Cruz's body-cam video in the parking lot when Cruz pulls in. Taylor's brother and cousin stop and put up their hands; Taylor keeps walking, head down. Cruz can be heard on the video yelling, "Get your hands up now," to which Taylor responds, "No, fool." He then raises his shirt and pulls his hands from his waistband. In response, Cruz fires off two shots, hitting Taylor in the chest and stomach, leading to his death.

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